Images for the Internet

All works from the cycle Images for the Internet exist as web pages (2010). The Internet is their natural medium and environment. Images for the Internet are open works which means that they also can appear as a wall-projection or in the form of digital print. The subtitle of each of these works is their website address.

Untitled. Homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres (in color)
This is a fragment of the interview with Felix Gonzalez-Torres (by Ross Bleckner, BOMB 51/Spring 1995). I colored – in a particular order – all vowels in this text and created a visual structure referring to some of the installations of Felix Gonzalez-Torres (e.g. colorful piles of candies).

One life. Homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres (in black and white)
This interactive work is a homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Melancholy and a sense of humor was a specific feature of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ works.

Made in UE
This work points out the hypocrisy of the global economics.

This is a joke.

The Beauty of the Chinese Pattern
This “beautiful” Chinese pattern was created from the Chinese characters – three words which in English mean: censorship, exploitation and violence.

A work about empathy.

Polish text

Wszystkie prace z cyklu Obrazy internetowe istnieją jako strony internetowe (2010). Internet jest ich naturalnym medium i środowiskiem. Obrazy internetowe są otwartymi pracami, co oznacza, że mogą być także projekcją lub wydrukiem cyfrowym. Podtytuł każdej z prac jest jej adresem internetowym.